Dining Room Chairs

So the chairs literally arrived overnight. They seem to have shipped from a city in my state though, so I guess that explains the speedy delivery (MR. ROGERS). Anyway I think it’s rad because shipping was free!!

Once I got home from work we assembled both chairs. They come in two pieces each – the top and the bottom. And they attach with screws and an Alan wrench.  

They work really well with the color of the walls and the table (both gray, unsurprisingly). The walls are Behr Dolphin Fin. 

They’re also really comfortable to sit in which is a bit surprising. 

I was disappointed but not at all surprised to notice that they were not made in the USA. Just thought I would call myself out on that. :(


This project would be pretty easy to DIY. I would look for Windsor chairs at the thrift store or flea market if you have the time, and paint them a satin or gloss mint color. Spring Mint by Benjamin Moore looks close to the color of my chairs. 

The next step is the dining bench. I haven’t done much research beyond looking at IKEA bench options. There are a few under $100 that might work. 


Mint Windsor Dining Chairs

This week I bought two dining chairs. I only bought 2 because A. they are expensive and B. we would like a dining bench on at least one side of the table.

I considered a lot of chair options from Overstock.com, IKEA, Target, and World Market, such as the IKEA INGOLF chair for $49 each:


I didn’t pick the INGOLF chairs because they struck me as too boring. Plus IKEA never has coupons that I know of. You can wait for IKEA Family sales, but that’s just an endless waiting game for the item you want to go on sale. I’ve never been able to predict what they’re going to include in the sales anyway.

I also looked at World Market’s Evie molded chairs in green for $70 each:


I have a 15% off coupon for World Market, so I could’ve gotten a marginally better price on the Evie chairs, but I think they are still too expensive, and I don’t LOVE that shade of green. But I do like it.

And I checked out Target’s Carlisle Dining Chairs in silver for $50 each (this style of metal bucket chair is all over the internet; lots of designers will lay a blanket or rug over each one to make it more comfortable/inviting):

The Carlisle chairs ended up looking too uncomfortable and slippery to me, although the price is right for sure. Plus, a blanket or cushion for each one just means more expense.

I ended up deciding on Target’s Threshold Windsor Dining Chairs in mint as a set of 2. I liked the fact that they had high backs and were made of wood. And I love the color. AND I mostly love that they will be mailed to my door (as opposed to IKEA which I would have to hunt down in the store and wait in the longest checkout lines known to man). And my IKEA is 366,000 sq. ft. (which is about 8.5 acres) on 15 acres of land… so it’s no joke to go on a trek through that store.

The chairs are also a pretty classic style, but with a little bit of a modern twist because they have very clean/straight lines rather than lots of rounded details.


This is an example of a more “country” style Windsor chair. Notice the detailing and edges:

So yeah…the black chairs above…not something I would pick for my home in 100 years. But very similar overall in their basic design structure to the chairs I DID pick and clearly inspired by each other. The black chairs are known as Bow Back Windsor Chairs (notice the curve of the top of the back). The mint chairs I chose are known as Fan Back Windsor Chairs (notice the way the spindles fan out at the top of the back). Windsor chairs are originally English and possibly from as far back as the 16th century. Supposedly they were eventually named for Windsor Castle in England. They likely were first inspired by the spokes of a wagon wheel. The construction is much the same as the spindles of the back are pushed into drilled holes. Originally Windsor chairs were painted, and only later did it become popular to stain them, as you see in many kitchens and dining rooms today. Their popularity grew due to their ease of portability around the house because they are so lightweight.

(Source 1 Design Sponge; Source 2 Wikipedia.)

The chairs retail for about $65 each + tax. I had a 15% off coupon and a gift card and there are is a 15% off $100 or more sale on home items (as of July 14, 2015) and free $20 gift card with purchase of $100 or more on back to college items. My gift card was for about $46 so I got the chairs for about $25 each after using my original gift card, plus I’m left with a free $20 gift card. Not a bad deal! If you factor in my free gift card I got them for $15 each, but I don’t really see it that way. ;) Here’s the breakdown of price in detail if you’re curious:
chair price

The free gift card will show up in your cart as a 2nd item that you are purchasing, which freaked me out because I thought it was some sort of ghost item that Target added and had me paying for, but nope. It’s just the gift card.

I think the mint color will go well with the weathered gray look of the dining room table I made a few weeks ago.


Ultimately it will be nice to have a place to sit that isn’t the random stool or desk chair (or even stray step ladder…) that I’m using now! Next steps are to assemble (once they arrive), see how they look, and then start looking for a dining room bench. Eventually I might want chairs at either end of the table too, but for now two chairs + a bench should be just fine. My issue with a bench at this point is that all of the ones I’ve found are either really country (for example they have turned legs) or really expensive.


Bathroom Cabinet Knobs

When I first moved into this house, I noticed that the cabinets didn’t have doors. Meaning the bathroom AND kitchen cabinets (except the lower kitchen cabinets…but we’ll discuss that another day). Basically here is my theory: the previous owner thought she was hot DIY stuff, so she saw some sort of open shelving concept on Pinterest like this:

And decided, “Hey, I can do that! All I have to do is rip my cabinet doors down.” DUHHHH…false. So then she went to town and ripped all those suckers down. To give you a brief history, open shelving was a huge trend for 2014. So were tiny homes and minimalism. See how they all sort of tie together? People were (and still are) really into having less stuff, thinking about where their things come from (i.e. where they are made, are they local, etc), and spending money purposefully. This means that the end result should be a curated set of beautiful things that can easily be displayed on open shelving without looking like garbage and needing to be covered by doors. That is all fine and good and BELIEVE ME I am 100% always trying to get rid of more stuff! I still identifying as a recovering hoarder. HOWEVER, see that picture above again? You cannot rip cabinet doors off of cabinets to achieve that look. Those are shelves with brackets, not cabinets.

Remember, this is just my wild speculation. But I think I have this woman pegged as a poor Pinterest executor. I’m guilty of that I’m sure, but she takes it to a whole new level. So this is what she left me with in the bathroom:


CHARMING! …Is exactly the word that does NOT come to mind. Luckily I found the old cabinet doors in the basement!! (Spoiler alert: we were not so lucky in the kitchen. :( ) We brought the cabinet doors up from the scary basement and painted them white. Then I bought these bronze cabinet hinges for about $2.50 a pack at Home Depot:


And installed them. Make sure you get the self-closing kind. I don’t know why you would get another kind. But the non self closing type will drive you nuts, I assure you. And then you will have to take them all down and return them and get the right ones. And then you STILL might not get the right ones. NOT THAT THIS HAPPENED TO ME OR ANYTHING LIKE 50 TIMES IN THE KITCHEN. Heh heh. (Note: The brackets need to be adjusted. Soooo yeah. I’m not perfect either.)


Notice the fantastic paint that my mom painted on the walls!! In fact my mom painted my entire stinking house. Except the bedroom. I get credit for that. Because it sucked and I’m a big baby. She is a Master Level Painter. The paint in the bathroom is crazy for me because I like gray paint and other shades of gray paint and more shades of gray paint for my walls. I’m still recovering from an avocado/tan/bright blue/bright turquoise apartment that I painted when I was 18. The bathroom color is Valspar Withered Moss in semi-gloss (6007-3C) from Lowe’s. It looks amazing and I promise more pictures later. You can see in the picture above that my mom also painted all of my gross yellowish grout white. Because she is amazing and an MLP.

So you might be like, dude, we are missing some cabinet knobs. AND I KNOW!!!! That bothered me too. I really like cutsie fancy cabinet knobs, but they are ultra expensive (stupid Anthropologie), like $10 – $12 expensive. Each. But I had an Anthropologie gift card left over from my friends Jean and Janet for my graduation last December. The large time span is because I am always loathe to spend one cent of my gift cards on shipping fees. And I rarely go shopping besides grocery shopping, and I SUPER RARELY go to the mall where there is an Anthropologie. However my friend April visited me last weekend, and we went to Anthropologie! So that was good timing. I considered a few types of cabinet knobs (some rabbits, sleeping foxes, etc), but in person these moths were the clear winner:


They especially won since Matt AND April both love insects. The moth is the one at the very bottom of the picture, just in case you are bug-deficient in your knowledge as I am. April told me that you know it’s a moth because in its resting state its wings are flat and if it was a butterfly its wings would be up (or something like that I am sure I messed that up, sorry, April). If you are going to buy any of those knobs, known as the Entomology Knobs at Anthropologie, be sure to note that the prices vary and the sizes vary a LOT. The beetle is pretty huge (it just looks small above because it’s in the back of the picture…very misleading) and the moth is the most small knob. So read the measurements carefully. Here they are installed, and now you can see the green paint:

IMG_4705I think Matt would say these are “DARLING!” :)

I know they’re a little different and maybe odd looking, but I still like them, and within the larger context of the bathroom decor I think I can win you over if you don’t like them yet. Just wait to see what everything else looks like!


Rubbermaid HomeFree Closet for a Nursery

The baby’s closet is finally done!!

This is what the closet looked like originally (with all the lights off):

I sold the white cabinet in the picture above on Craigslist. I highly doubt the previous owner was using it…you couldn’t even open the doors inside the closet. Then we demoed the closet, spackled, and painted it Dolphin Fin by Behr (which is the same color that is in the living room). The color is a true medium gray. The closet layout and dimensions are as follows:


I know it looks small, but it actually is an incredibly useful space with more room than I expected, at least post-closet organizer install.


I used the Rubbermaid HomeFree Series 3-ft to 6-ft White Adjustable Mount Wire Shelving Kits closet system from Lowe’s (pictured above). My total was about $100 after a coupon. I bought some extras based on their online design tool (look for “Rubbermaid Closet Designer” and click the link from that page) and I’ll take back the two 12″ brackets I bought eventually because I didn’t end up using them. I picked the Rubbermaid HomeFree probably because they had the online designer. None of the other systems’ designers were as easy to use. And the price seemed better. Plus most people review the HomeFree system as being really easy to install, and I agree. I thought it would be a LOT more difficult than it actually was.

Closet Part  Quantity  Price/ea  Total Price
246408 Adjustable Shelf 1 $9.80 $9.80
246424 12″ Bracket 2 $6.42 $12.84
246427 25″ Upright 2 $7.98 $15.96
246441 3′-6′ Closet Kit 1 $89.00 $89.00

This is more or less the “progress” picture, since the closet was demoed, spackled, and painted at this point:


The pictures are so yellow because I think the main light fixture in the room has a really yellow bulb in it that I’ve never changed. The door is actually white and the walls are very pale gray (Behr’s Irish Mist, which is my favorite paint color and is also what I used a lot in my condo).


A stepladder is definitely necessary for this project because the top rails have to be 86.5″ off the ground. The hardest part of the project was getting the top rails to stay up while screwing in the first couple of screws. And finding studs…which I gave up on because I don’t know how. So I would just screw in a screw using the drill and if it wasn’t going into a stud I would unscrew the screw and add a drywall anchor and re-do. After that things are pretty easy as long as you know what you want your layout to look like!

I had a whole plan planned out from the online design tool thingy, but I lost it. So I just winged it which was surprisingly easy. It helped that all of the items I wanted to store in the closet were sitting all around me. So I added the first shelf and just went from there.


Before I knew it, the space was looking like a legit closet! It fits everything really well. I even fit a giant bathtub that my friend LuLu gave me on the top shelf.

IMG_4713Notice the amazing Nashville pennant t-shirt from my friend April that eventually I am going to hang on the wall!! Those green hangers are from Target and I was really pleased to see that they are made in the USA (but if you find them in the store, check on the package to make sure they say “MADE IN THE USA” because sometimes the same product will be produced in multiple places). I’ve been more conscious of where things are made lately, but that’s another blog post entirely.

The only piece in the closet that didn’t come with the extra pieces or the kit that I bought is the short little shelf you see near the bottom of the picture above. I found that in my basement. Talk about a perfect fit!! I got lucky. So if you want my closet exactly, be sure to buy an extra small shelf.

I’m not hanging many clothes for now because my mom/stepdad gave me a large dresser that most of the clothes are in. Eventually I think I’m going to hang clothes for 12 months+ in the closet though. The bottom hanging bar is useless now because I’ve got those items below it piled on the floor, but soon enough those will be out of the closet and in use so they won’t be cluttering the space anymore.

I’m really happy with the closet. It took approximately a few hours total to complete (if you DO NOT include demoing/spackling/painting!). I would use the Rubbermaid system again for sure. It’s not a beautiful, epic closet, but it is super useful and way better than it was before. I am SO GLAD this is off my to-do list!!!